About me

I am an innovative and spirited Interior Designer. I enjoy experimenting with space, compositions and materials to evoke nostalgia, value and desire. My current work has emphasised the power of interior design as a medium to provoke thought and change behaviours to better ourselves and the environment. 

I value vernacular architecture; being sensitive to the culture, history and environment. I have an innate design sensibility, which is shown in my graphics.

I am a natural team member and value collaboration and learning from others. My time studying in Melbourne and traveling Australia really broadened my perspective and challenged me personally and professionaly. I am a conceptual thinker which has given my work strong narratives. I believe in truth to materials and being ethical and resourceful.


My work has consisted of installations, conceptual retail designs, sculptural pieces and furniture design. I am looking forwards to developing and consolidating my skills within a challenging professional and creative environment.